Knit Woven Denim

Model For woven/no-woven fabric Universal for both knitted and woven fabric
KP_L160 KP-L190 KP-L210 KP-L160S KP-L190S KP-L210S
Voltage 1P/220V
Motor power 1 KW
Diameter of cloth 600mm max
Working speed 96m/min max
Weight of machine 550KG 570KG 590KG 550KG 570KG 590KG
Max Cloth Width (cm & inch) 160cm 190cm 210cm 160cm 190cm 210cm
63” 75” 83” 63” 75” 83”
Table width (mm) 1830mm 2130mm 2330mm 1830mm 2130mm 2330mm
Table width (inch) 72” 84” 92” 72’’ 84” 92”
Machine size (L*W*H) cm 240*180*95 260*180*95 280*180*95 240*180*95 260*180*95 280*180*95


Standard Equipment of the machine

  • Cloth length setting memory device
  • The computer control of the acceleration and deceleration of the cloth machine
  • Slotted automatic tracking device
  • According to cloth width set cutter walking distance
  • Tow bar
  • Emergency stop device
  • Automatic lifting device
  • Cloth Layer counter
  • Automatic align edge device
  • Rewinding device (rewinding cloth)
  • One side fixed type movable presser
  • Double – pull with a fixed pressure device
  • Mobile clamp device
  • Cloth auto cutter device


The main device of the spreader

  1. LCD touch control device: Easy to set the length of cloth, manner, quantity, speed and paragraphs.
  2. Cutting device: Cutter and the host can be easily disassembled, cloth cutting can be set according to the width of the cloth cutting knife walking distance and cutting speed.
  3. Folding device: Can be used for round-trip cloth.
  4. Automatic fabric pre- loosening device: The first loose cloth and then auxiliary release, that eliminate the tension of pulling cloth and protect the cloth quality.
  5. Electric eye automatic edge device: When the finished fabric is pulled, the control panel automatically stops and automatically returns to the fixed point.
  6. Automatic lifting device: According to the thickness of cloth to set the amount of increase, with the cloth.
  7. Emergency stop device: On both sides of the cutting bed with a stop cable that can be any time in the CD-bed anywhere to pull the cable for emergency shutdown

Auxiliary Equipment

  1. Flotation table (special for spreading machine) : Every unit table is about 45KG, thickness 30mm, And the surface plate with 1MM thickness of the special laminate hard plastic sheet, the middle plate is pressed from 9cm high quality solid plate. Angle and bearing angle steel “70MM*45MM*2MM” are made of international standard materials. The air float cutting table is specially made on this basis. Every four cutting boards will be equipped with 2,2KW/389V three-phase fan motor to provide powerful wind power to make the cloth move easily.
  2. Electric Rail: It is equipped with Panasonic “DH6133” track made in Japan, which has the advantages of safety, beauty and long service life. It is also equipped with “ DH6076” power supply pulley an “DH6172” into electrical appliances and end caps are made by Matsushita Electric Works of Japan original products.