New curved surface structure design, paper perfect fit, printing effect is more perfect .

Can print pictures, text, print lines accurate, clear and smooth .

Plotting material: 40-250g marker/pattern paper .

Compatible with domestic and foreign garment CAD software .

Servo motor drive , high precision , low noise , long life

Nozzle column width

EPSON 380=2*HP45=1 inch

Maximum printing speed

EPSON 380=5*HP45

Ink cartridge capacity

EPSON 380 , 210ml/PCS =5*HP45 , 42ml/PCS

Consumptive material cost

EPSON 380=1/10~1/20*HP45

Print head service life


HP45 = one-off ( after 7-14 days exhausted )

1. one-click set printing start point
2.Paper Shortage Alarm and Auto Suspension
3. paper jam alarm and Automatic suspension
4. Standby protection of nozzle and automatic cleaning mechanism , suitable for global climate including desert climate
5. Set parameters online without downtime
6. Automatic paper cutting when end of printing ( END CUTTING)


New wpDataTable

Model H7-170 H7-190 H7-220 H7-260
HMI 7″ touch screen
Inkjet technology EPSON 380
Resolution 360dpi
Plotting material 40g-250g marker paper
Working width 1700mm 1900mm 2200mm 2600mm
Paper feeding method Roller type, automatic paper feeding
Maximum speed 100㎡/h 105㎡/h 110㎡/h 120㎡/h
Compatible software Various CAD software 
Transmission port USB2.0
Power supply 110/220V   ±20%  50~60Hz    110W
Machine dimensions 2320*550*1100mm 2570*550*1100mm 2860*550*1100mm 3260*550*1100mm
Package dimensions  2490*650*590mm 2740*650*590mm 3030*650*590mm 3430*650*590mm