The cutting-edge Pattern Design Software offered by GT CAD allows you to create faster cycles and produce products that better fit your customer’s needs. Our innovative Pattern Design Software offers a unique solution that combines powerful 2D design and true to life 3D visualization in a single platform that answers the needs of both apparel and technical textile industries.

Maximize the accuracy and fine tune details of your digital garment as the changes made to the 3D sample directly affect the 2D pattern.

Get faster to market by receiving early feedback and making faster decisions, before creating the first physical prototype.

Enjoy the use of cutting-edge digital tools and meet a superior design experience that is fully customizable to your needs.

Experience a hassle-free digital environment that is fully compatible with all major CAD formats

Create virtual samples in various sizes using advanced grading tools that allow you to easily


A Superior Design Experience

Seamlessly create digital patterns and produce pattern sizing while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design-development process.

Open to leading standard sw/hw formats

Share your data in various file formats, and have the freedom to continue working with your cutters, plotters and digitizers, while transitioning to our super flexible and intuitive 2D solution

Flexible, user-friendly pattern making and nesting tools

The intuitive user interface is customizable to suit your needs and requirements. The work area is designed to maximize your design space

Smart 2D Design

GT CAD 2D powers your pattern and garment design process, from start to finish. Benefit from making easy adjustments by selecting multiple points and changing them all in once. Seamlessly create, move, and open darts, and pleats, including multi-pleats, in record time.

Walk Tool

Easily walk your pattern while correcting shape, adding or adjusting details for precision purposes.

Generate Measurement Charts

Define points required for garment measure specifications with accurate Measurement Charts.